"The future of technology inside and outside the classroom..."

FRWD is an app that innovates the student academic experience
by providing students with the tools they need in and out classroom for success...Listen to the latest interview NOW


Students are provided with their full day schedule, extracurricular activities, and school announcements.


Assignments that are due in every class, a platform to work on them, and features to help students understand them. Everything it takes. FRWD has all hands on deck.


Push-notifications before, after, and during school that relate to material to bring, times to prepare, or just what to do next to continue moving FRWD.


This AI of FRWD works as your own personal guidance counselour. Tells the student the grades to get to stay on track to their end week, quarter, or year goal.


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Full Day Schedule

Training Wheels

Assignments/ Previews


Goals / Empowerment AI


Teacher/Class messaging

Suggested Videos


Homework List

And many more!


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happy customer

"FRWD redefines the student academic experience by innovating the way students work, learn, and manage that."

- CaribNews 5/5 Stars!

happy customer

"We are happy to introduce FRWD to our students at BELA Brooklyn Emerging Leaders Academy this fall. Schools must begin to include student developed tools that encourage them to take ownership."

- Nicia Fullwood, founder of the BELA school 5/5 Stars!

happy customer

"For students of all ages having FRWD allows them to manage their changing schedules that increases in middle school.”

- Al Cockfield, COO of the Battalion School 5/5 Stars!


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SCREEN Homescreen
SCREEN Extracurriculars
SCREEN Sidebar
SCREEN Homework list
SCREEN Goal reaching
SCREEN Join class
SCREEN Assignment page
SCREEN Alternate home...colors and logos customized by school.


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